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Professor Mathaudhu Attends Materials Science and Technology Conference and Curates Superhero Exhibit in Pittsburghshield

"Comic-tanium: The Super Materials of the Superheroes" is a new ToonSeum exhibition that shows how Batman, Iron Man, Captain America and other characters use "real-world" science and engineering to boost their powers and save the day. The mission of "Comic-tanium," a joint effort of the ToonSeum and The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society: "To inspire K-12 students to pursue science and engineering careers.... read story


Welcome Professor Suveen MathaudhuDr. Suveen Mathaudhu

The department welcomes Dr. Suveen Mathaudhu.  Dr. Mathaudhu received his Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2006.  There, he studied "top-down" processing methods, such as severe plastic deformation, and "bottom-up" processing methods, such as powder consolidation to produce bulk nanocrystalline and metastable metals for structural and defense applications.  He subsequently served as an ORISE post-doctoral Fellow and then a Staff Scientist as the U.S. Army Research Laboratory from 2006-2010.  From 2010-2014, he was the Program Manager for the Synthesis and Processing of Materials at the U.S. Army Research Office, and also, an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at North Carolina State University.  He is active in several Technical societies, including the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, the Materials Research Society and ASM International.  He is also an expert on the science of superheroes as depicted in comic books and their associated movies, and frequently speaks and consults on this subject.

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