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Senior Design Projects

The capstone design experience for students is the two-quarter ME 175 course - the Senior Design Project. This required course allows teams of students to draw upon all of the engineering science and design knowledge they have amassed to address a meaningful design problem. They are expected to define the objectives of the problem, explore the possible options, plan and conduct experiments if needed, formulate preliminary solutions, and evaluate the proposed alternatives with respect to economics, feasibility, societal, health and safety impacts, and sustainability.

This approach may require a number of iterations before a final comparative solution is achieved. Senior design projects are always team projects (usually three students). In addition to engineering and design skills, this course also provides the culmination to their preparation for many real world experiences including effective written and oral communication skills. profitability evaluation and process optimization, risk analysis, occupational health and safety, environmental and ethical issues, professional and personality issues, the ability to work productively in teams, conducting group meetings, and brainstorming.

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