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Freshman Mentoring

ME Freshmen Mentor Program

This program was initiated by the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2004. The goal of this program is to promote a strong relationship between students and professors in the department, starting in the first quarter of the freshman year.

Each ME freshman student will be assigned an academic mentor. The mentor is available for the student to consult on matters pertaining to career planning, understanding engineering in general, and specifically for gaining a better appreciation of mechanical engineering. Mentors can also provide guidance on what it takes to be successful as an engineering student, and provide suggestions so students gain confidence and self-motivation. Advisors in the Office of Student Affairs will provide guidance on registration, campus resources for students requiring academic assistance, etc.

Each freshman student will be assigned a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering as his/her academic mentor.  Within the first two weeks of classes each quarter, Office of Student Affairs will post a list of ME department mentors and their office hours outside the office and on their website. This list will also include the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the professors serving as mentors. Anytime during the quarter, students may contact faculty mentors to set up an appointment to meet at a mutually convenient time. Students are required to meet with their mentors once a quarter during the freshman year. Students should get a signed note and turn it in to the College Freshmen Advisor (Tara Brown) prior to registration for the subsequent quarter.

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